The BE.* Newsgroups hierarchy

The BE.* hierarchy is one of the "localized" hierarchies on Usenet News. It's mainly targeted on Belgium, the country in the heart of Europe. The majority of postings and posters in the newsgroup hierarchy will therefore be of the Belgian nationality. There are 4 languages used in these groups: Dutch, French, German and English.

If you happen to have a specific question regarding a local telecom operator in Belgium, or if you're confused about some Belgian legislation or politics, these groups are there for you to use, and you'll find many people with whom you can share your thoughts and ideas, or answer your questions.

The BE.* newsgroups hierarchy is a dynamic hierarchy in which regularly new groups are being added, in order to create the extra space for all the subjects people want to discuss about. This official site therefore hosts the official BE.* newsgroups list, and also answers any questions or concerns you might encounter on the topic of creating new groups and the procedures you have to follow.

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